Sunday, June 29, 2008


I find myself betwixt and between employers, having wrapped up my tenure with Sherman’s Travel on Thursday and poised to begin anew with Travelocity tomorrow.

When I started with Sherman’s Travel I was the fourth employee and we were squeezed into a tiny and dismal office with a view of a sweatshop, a brick wall and an alley. Three and a half years later it’s a multimillion dollar business with a huge online presence and a terrific magazine (the office has a nice view too).

It was a great experience being a part of a start up company, to be an active participant in its growth and its successes. But when a good opportunity comes a knocking… well you’ve got to answer the door.

So on this weekend I find myself betwixt and between employers - nervous, but also excited by the opportunities ahead.

“Know thine opportunity.”


Morphew_Crew said...

So, was this the "big news" you had us all on the edge of our seats for???

Deene said...

Cool! Best Wishes on new job!

JustRun said...

Cool! Yay for seizing opportunities!
Good luck in the new position!

nyflygirl said...

Hope the new job is treating you well so far :)

Yvonne said...

give us an update soon! hope it's going swimmingly

Mark MacLeod said...

I agree, the production quality of the magazines you sent me was absolutely top notch.

Good luck in your new job!

13akbal said...

Right on! Congrats on the new gig!

Anonymous said...

All the best at your new job. May it be a great success.