Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Crystal Ball

My new job is intense and I am enjoying the challenge - meeting new people, facing new opportunities & new obstacles.

There have been a few 12 hour days already which isn't that cool but the team I am working with seems great; they're bright, energetic, positive, hard working and fun loving.

The stress of starting a new gig, long hours and a head cold that just won't quit have sucked the athlete right out of me. I've run maybe twice a week these past few weeks.

No big deal, right?

Wrong! I'm doing a sprint triathlon tomorrow and in an inexplicable twist of fate I'll be doing the NYC Triathlon next week after all (see prior post).

ZOIKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've not trained seriously since the NJ Marathon in May.

I'm looking into my crystal ball and I can see that I am doomed.

"The future - you shall know when it has come; before then, forget it."


nyflygirl said...

good luck in the tri next week!! i'll be cheering and taking pics at 72nd/cpw (mile 1 of the run)...look for me there!

Just12Finish said...

Good luck with the new gig!

Yvonne said...

gulp! rather you than me ;)

good luck with it all. looking forward to reading your race reports...

JustRun said...


But I bet you survived. :)

Anonymous said...

Did you do the Mighty North Fork Tri? My friend, Jenn won it!!

I know what you are going through - my job is similar and that's a reason why I put my running on hold, or better the long-distance running. Both isn't working for me since I love to sleep!!!

I might see you on Sunday, as i will be watching the NYC Tri. No matter what I think it is amazing you do this, Tris seem really brutal to me and I admire it.

Good luck and have fun.

Anonymous said...

Hey Josh-- its Amy, Susie's friend! I forgot the name of the blog you wanted to tell my dad about, so I googled you thinking I could find it (but didn't!). BUT I did find your blog! It is great! Hope the job is going well. Running makes everything easier and better (like I need to tell you that) so try to get back out there! :) The athlete never gets sucked out... it just gets suffocated by the not so fun stuff! Set 'em free!

Can you remind me of that blog? Thanks!