Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Race Deferred

Entry to the The New York City Triathon opened at midnight on November 1st and sold out in 9 hours. I was one of the first people to enter and I have the t-shirt to prove it.

Turns out I've got a family function that very same weekend and will have to defer the race until 2009. Rather than be disappointed I'll revel in my 2009 guaranteed entry deferral status and the fact that I don't have to get up at 2am next time around.

I will nonetheless be engaging in fierce competition on the weekend of the NYC Tri. In lieu of swimming, biking and running I'll be partaking in a whole different set of multisport... Basketball, Hula-Hooping, Water Balloon toss and the the ever popular and hotly contested Jump Rope competition.

To get into shape for the Hula-Hoop and Jump Rope contests, I've recently signed up and begun training for a sprint triathlon on July 13th.

Hopefully this training will be enough to prepare for the cut-throat competition.


“Action expresses priorities.”
- Mahatma Gandhi


E-Speed said...

Have fun at the reunion :)

I haven't been to Cedar Point in quite a while (husband doesn't like long lines) but yep it is still a great park and still has awesome rides!

Yvonne said...

I really want to see you hula-hoop Josh. I really do.

just said...

Nothing prepares you for hula-hooping like the real thing. Except maybe a Wii.

Deene said...

we'll need some hula hooping pictures! this sounds like a fun reunion, you must have some real good party planners.

Jamey said...

Are you really going to Cedar Point? Man do I miss that place. I have fond memories of forcing my sister to ride the Gemini!

That really does stink that you have to miss the race though :(

13akbal said...

NYC Tri! Nice!

Never mind the naysayers - there are ways to improve hula-hoop performance. You simply need to work on your hip/pelvis thrust.. :-)