Sunday, April 27, 2008

Zoiks... It's Almost Go Time

The New Jersey Marathon is almost here! You're going to do great!!!

The New Jersey Marathon is almost here! You're going to fall apart!

You've trained so well -- almost 600 miles since you signed up for the marathon on December 31st!

You didn't do much speed work... Did you???

Four long runs of over 20 miles. Now that is dedication!

It would have been a good idea to do a test run at marathon goal pace.

You've lost over 10 lbs and have rediscovered you abdominal muscles! You'll run a personal best for sure!

Abs, huh? Last I heard you needed legs to run a marathon and yours are wicked sore.

Just a few easy runs this week. You'll toe the line feeling fit, fresh and fast! is calling for heavy rain. is predicting cool weather with overcast skies -- perfect marathon weather!!!

"Man's most valuable trait is a judicious sense of what not to believe"


13akbal said...

haha.. nice post.

I dig the unshaven "angel"

Good luck on race day, and enjoy the taper - you earned it.

Deene said...

the red guy looks friendly enough. enjoy the taper, it sounds like you are more than ready!

nyflygirl said...

"rediscovered you abdominal muscles"

Pictures? :-p

You're more than ready. Just tell that little red guy to shove it. :)

As for the weather, we all know how quickly the forecast can change (I too am hoping for no rain on Sunday!!)

The Laminator said... almost gave me a heart attack with the "heavy rains" comment. I'm running the half in NJ this weekend as well, so I hope the weather holds up.

Nice post, BTW. I always have these kinds of conversations with myself right before a big race. I see good things happening for you on Sunday.

JustRun said...

No worries, dude. You will be fine. The angel, the devil, and all those other annoying monkeys will be off your back the second you cross the mat.
Have fun!

Morrissey said...

good luck josh and burn the JOIIIZZZZZZZZEY course ;)

Anonymous said...

you're funny.

have tons of fun - you'll do great.

chelle said...

Ah taper nerves....I remember those. Rain, schmain, nothing a healthy dose of bodyglide can't help's much better to know it's not going to be 80 degrees out there!

I'm excited to see how it goes. Is it jinxing it to tell us what your time goals/race pacing plans are?

Yvonne said...

Josh, I for one, have been waiting for this race of yours for a long time. You've put in some serious work over a long period, you've improved tremendously. I'm so excited for you. Just take it sensibly the first half - please! I'll be thinking about you and sending you positive, strong vibes.
Can't wait to read the race report.

Yvonne said...

what happened? how'd you do? i see you twitter you made a PR. CONGRATS!

tell all, if you're not too busy celebrating!