Sunday, April 06, 2008

None of That Mattered

I had a blog post half written about how hard my 22 miler was last Sunday. About how I fatigued physically and mentally 19 miles into it. About how frustrating it was getting caught behind slower, more casual runners for those last few miles.

I had a blog post half written about how difficult it is to strike a sustainable balance between family, work and training (not to mention blogging). About how little sleep you get with a 6-month old baby in the house...

And then I went out for a 8.5 mile tempo run and none of that mattered.

It was an awesome run - right at sunset, as the tide was rushing in along the East River, the city lights were coming on and the air was cool and fresh.

Amazing what an endorphin high can do for your state of mind.

"Happiness depends upon ourselves"


Wil said...

Awesome quote and post ;)

Yvonne said...

you can still write that post about 'life balance' some time Josh! i need advice on that one!

there's nothing like that runner's happy high tho!

Deene said...

good quote!