Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Belated Birthday

I can't believe it... I missed my first blogiversary! What a terrible publisher I am! If you're interested, here is my very first blog post.

A reporter for a local newspaper doing a story on area runners recently asked why I keep a running blog. I bumbled and stumbled out some lame answer when the truth is, I'd not really given it much thought.

Well, I've thought about it and my (missed) blogiversary seems like an opportune time to answer the question: "why blog?"
  1. Advice - I often get very sound advice from readers.
  2. Inspiration - I enjoy reading your blogs for inspiration - why not do the same.
  3. Vanity - It's fun being a publisher and I get a kick out of the results when typing my name into search engines.
  4. Family - All of my family is in the Midwest. This is an easy way for them to keep tabs on me and my running.
  5. Support - I have been contacted by several new runners looking for guidance. I don't pretend to be a coach but I can point newbies in the right direction.
  6. History - Much like I keep a running log detailing my mileage, here I keep a history of my thoughts and experiences on running.
  7. Exhibitionism - Those that know me (particularly socially) know I am a bit of a showman. Blogging is just an extension of my desire to be in the spotlight (I am a Leo after all).
  8. Writing - Pretty clearly I'm no Steinbeck. Nevertheless I enjoy writing and it is nice to have a venue to sharpen and hone my skills.
  9. Motivation - By publicly stating my goals and intentions I am far more likely acheive them.
  10. Because - Why get out of bed to to run in the rain? Why train all through the winter months? Why run 26.2 miles...
"Because it is there."
- George Mallory (when asked why he wanted to climb Everest)


JustRun said...

Happy [Belated] Blogiversary!

I am glad no one's ever really asked me why I keep up a blog. I think the only answer that I could come up with would be "because."

Anonymous said...

happy blogoversary!!

Mark MacLeod said...


stephruns said...

I just read the first comment you got on your first post...that was real funny!!!!!!!!!

Happy bloggerversary to you!

Just12Finish said...

Thanks for coming up with all the right reasons for the rest of us!

Phil said...

Congratulations on your first year of blogging and what a great list; although it was a sad commentary that you thought it necessary to provide a Wikipedia reference for one of the giants of American literature.

I've really enjoyed your blog from the first entry I read. Keep blogging, we'll keep reading.

the_ubster said...

happy blogoversary!!

tixxx said...

That's a great list of reasons !! Blogging is a kind of self indulgent exercise that can be motivatal and insightful. I enjoy your blog.

nyflygirl said...

wow...has it really been one year??

happy blogoversary!!

Uptown Girl said...

Happy blogoversary! The years go by fast...