Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hellgate Road Runners Photo Montage

I put a quick video montage together from photos of a few members of the Hellgate Road Runners Club and thought I'd share it.

Thanks to Jared for the photos! Enjoy.


katesun said...

Josh this is great. Next time if you could photoshop bigger boobs and a smaller waist on me I would really appreciate it .

katesun said...

Also I love that photo of you kicking that 9 year old's ass. He had it coming. :)

Ginger Breadman said...

Hey that was cool - I gotta learn how to do that. Of course, I might love anything with Petty playin' in the background. Now that I've read katesun's comments, I gotta go watch it again!

Suzanne said...

Josh that is amazing, I really enjoyed it...along with all your other posts.

Yvonne said...

damn josh, don't you know not to mess with a hormonal woman's emotions??? i almost teared up there.

I miss running SO much!

JustRun said...

Nice video!
Things like that remind me why I like runners so much.

nyflygirl said...

that is too cool. how did you put the pictures together like that?

photo montages like that are fun. one of the highlights of the Flyers' awards gala is the "Year in Pictures" multimedia presentation...always fun to look at the pictures and laugh or reminisce or whatever else. :)

Josh said...

I am a self admitted Audio/Video dork – when I have time I tool around with Photoshop and Final Cut Pro. The video plays down a little choppy and pixilated which is a bummer but I was using low res photos... Oh well what can you do!

Katesun – You look fine… Did you see the shot of you chasing down Jeff? The expression on his face is priceless! And you’re right. That little kid did have it coming. Good thing I pushed him down and off the course just before the finish line… (I’m just kidding!)

Ginger Breadman – Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you liked the video.

Suzanne – Thanks for reading! And it’s great to see you back at the workouts!

Yvonne – Sorry. I didn’t realize that it would be such an emotional video – LOL. You’ll be back to running on September 1. I just know it.

JustRun – thanks for visiting. I too love runners. With the possible exception of dogs, runners are the best kind of people on earth.

NYFG – I made it with a drop of Photoshop and a pinch of Final Cut Pro. I’m a very amateur filmmaker so this took didn’t actually take that long to do. I’ve actually been toying around with the idea of doing a short documentary on a runner or running group training for the NY marathon. Maybe next year.

Thanks everyone for checking it out!

Morrissey said...

nice....can you do one for TRD? haha :) j/k