Sunday, July 02, 2006

Vacation Post #2: Sand Is Hard

I've now got 23+ miles of running on the beach and can confirm that running on the beach is no walk in the park... My hip and calf muscles are wicked sore, my feet have blistered in new and exciting places from the sand that sneaks into my shoes and even though I am running in the early morning the temperature and humidity are sucking the life right out of my stride.

The late nights, early mornings, hours swimming and frolicking in the surf and the truly incredible amounts of food and drink that we're consuming may also be taking a toll on my running performance. Don't ya just love vacation?

The surf is up and I have some bodyboarding to do. In the interim, here's a couple of photos:


Mark said...

Sore Muscles, Blisters, Staying up late, Getting up early, running in high temperature and high humidity.

You're going to need another vacation after this vacation. It's no wonder you perpetually feel that you need a vacation.

Morrissey said...

ummmm josh - reading your vacation blogs is making me envious....i NEED ANOTHER VACATION!!!!!!!!

For some reason, i could never run on the beach...Don't you hate it when the sand gets inside your sneakers?

nyflygirl said...

there are some parts of the bridle path in Central Park that feel like running through sand-it's tough!!

anyway, sounds like you are having a blast.

oh, and here's something for you to do when you return from vacay :-D

Just12Finish said...

Yeah Josh, as soon as you stop lovin' your vacation, hard running on sand and all, I'm sure one of us will be happy to take your place!