Saturday, September 11, 2010


I must have slid ten feet before friction brought me to a grinding halt in the middle of the street. I know this because I was able to drop the f-bomb at least as many times (I figure the crash lasted 4 seconds and I averaged 2.5 f-bombs per second while rapidly decelerating from a speed of approximately 30 feet per second. Go ahead, try it yourself). Thankfully the concrete was there to break my fall and slow me down.

Yup, while taking a casual spin around the neighborhood I hit a little patch of water and in an instant was smearing DNA into the road.

And all of this the day before the Wise Triathlon! COME ON, FATE! GIVE ME A FREAKIN' BREAK!

I'm cut, scraped, scratched, bruised, and have some wicked road rash. I'm in pain. But I'm still going to race!

Grrrr.... Road Rage

Gnarly Road Rash

Falling down became second nature and it really didn't bother me.”
-Nancy Kerrigan


Mom said...

Oh my poor baby, please be more careful in the future. Love Mom.

Anonymous said...

Back to training wheels.

Alan said...

This is awesome!