Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dallas Half

Despite its many benefits, running for the sake of running can be difficult. Without a goal there's no training plan to stick to... no obvious downside to skipping a workout... no finish line, rife with screaming fans, to imagine crossing in record time...

My days of running sans objective are past as I'm now signed up for the Dallas Half Marathon!

I've been thinking about going at it hard. After all, it's been four years since I put up that 1:34:14.

Beyond the half marathon, I'm fully committed to running a full marathon this winter. I just need to chose between Cowtown and the Livestrong Austin Marathon.

"I plan to be running as long as I can and have no plans to stop."
-Frank Shorter

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Alan said...

Austin is a pretty cool marathon. Ran it in 2006.