Saturday, May 24, 2008

What's Your Sand Wish?

I often see unusual things in my day to day life. Sometimes the things I see are terribly funny.

I'd like to begin sharing some of these in a new series called "WTF?"

Behold... the first entry:

"A man occupied with public or other important business cannot, and need not, attend to spelling."
-Napoleon Buonaparte


Deene said...

ha! instead of wishing on star?
the woman in the next cube at work says "sangwich"

13akbal said...

i wish for a side of whirled peas.

nice way to start wtf!

miss petite america said...

it's cute!

i hate seeing .99 cents. it makes me want to go up to the counter with a penny and say, keep the change.

Anonymous said...

Hooked on phonics worked for me!

Want more funny "WTF" type occurances, go to:


JustRun said...


That is all.

Just12Finish said...

There should be a lot to work with for that title! The world is full of less intelligient people.

Anonymous said...

I love this stuff. Found your blog while searching for other marathon runners blogs. Great work. Keep going with the WTF..