Thursday, May 22, 2008

Isaac Newton Was Wrong

In my last post I referenced Issac Newton's First Law of Motion. Issac, I'm afraid, is wrong.

Well sort of... Since the marathon I’ve done a bike work out, two swim work outs and managed to pepper in a few runs. For the past five days however life, or “unbalanced forces” in Newtonian vernacular, has conspired against me.

At least twice I’ve gotten up early, dressed for a run, stepped outside and then promptly returned to bed. I’ve brought gear to work thinking I’ll run the 10k home after work. I’ve begged myself, promised myself and loathed myself out the door for a run but:

It’s cold.

It’s raining.

I’m tired.

The baby’s crying.

I need a little extra push. I need a little inspiration. I need some cosmic force to strike a new balance and set me back in motion.

"You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club."
Jack London


Yvonne said...

sign up for a fall marathon asap! that should do it!

13 said...

imerse yourself in the joys of the little one while you can. spring is here, summer is rapidly approaching. you will be less cold, less wet, less tired before you know it. jackson will not cry forever - take a bit of time to embrace it. marathons will always be there, this moment in little j's life will not.

before you know it you'll get the bug back :-)

13akbal said...

ha.. i can't even type my name right :-)

Anonymous said...

hang in there. no point in forcing yourself to run - those runs always turn out awful.