Friday, October 27, 2006

The Rub Down

First, let me just say that orthopedic massage is not the same thing as Swedish or other more gentle touch massage techniques. Not even close. It’s a fallacy even calling it massage. Sure, there was dim lighting and soothing Zen-like music but there were no hot rocks, aromatic oils or gentle bodywork. This was the teeth clenched, white-knuckled, breathe-through-the-pain, work out the knoted muscles kind of massage.

This massage along with three days off from running and I still have that funk in my left hip and left knee. It isn’t debilitating but it is tender and sore, and well, worrisome. My masseuse discovered that my ilio tibio band is tight while the muscles of my inner thigh are loose and weak. This imbalance may torque out my left leg which may be causing the discomfort. I’ve got some stretches, foam roller exercises, and yes, some Suzanne Summers Thigh Master type exercises to do.

Admittedly it was nice to get a massage and my legs are probably the better for it. My hamstrings, quadriceps, and calve muscles are looser. Please keep the “tight ass” jokes to yourself, but, my glutes were tight too.

Now, I am off to a "secret location" for three days of New England leaf peeping (pictures to come), R&R and some easy trail runs.

UPDATE (10/30/2006): I am remiss for not linking to my masseuse. Despite all my complaining, Anne Taylor of New York Orthopedic Massage did a very nice job. She's thorough and professional and I'd recommend her if your considering an orthopedic massage.

Keep your broken arm inside your sleeve.
-Chinese Proverb


Jessica said...

Have a great trip Josh! I have also been "abused" by this said ortho. massage therapist. She rocks and you will benefit in the long run. Don't be surprised if you're a bit sore after the "rub down". See you soon! Jessica

Jon said...

Hi Josh,

Please share the name of your torturer, er, I mean orthopedic massuse. I am sure many folks like me will need one after the marathon.

Andel said...

Enjoy your weekend. I'm sure you'll feel great come marathon day!

stephruns said...

Yes, have a great trip - you deserve some rest!

Deene said...

get plenty of rest and have fun.

JustRun said...

I think the first is the worst as far as tough massages go.
Have a grea trip!