Friday, October 13, 2006

Conquering What's Next

As Marathon Sunday draws nearer I find myself filled with mixed emotion. I'm excited by the prospect of running through the streets of New York with 2 million spectators cheering me on. I am also keyed up about the prospect of achieving a significant personal record. I feel pride in all the miles of training I have put in over the past 3 months but I'm also a little nervous about the payoff.

I am grateful to my wife for pushing me out the door on those days I'd rather stay in bed, for her awesome homemade penne alla vodka and her killer angel hair with fresh pesto before those long runs. And I am especially grateful for her being so understanding of my stubborn and time consuming commitment.

I am humbled by the generosity so many have shown in their support of my fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Association in my grandmother's honor. I am inspired, encouraged and challenged by the words and actions of my teammates, by this blogging community of runners and by the broader world of running.

Interestingly enough, I am feeling a sense of “what now,” or perhaps more aptly put “what’s next.” The marathon is almost here and I still feel as though I have improvements to make, fitness to achieve and goals to set and conquer.

Maybe I should see how I feel tomorrow after my last long run of 22 miles before setting off for Everest.

UPDATE (10/15/2006): Ouch. I am having difficulty climbing stairs. Everest will have to wait... For now.

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”
-Sir Edmund Hillary


Uptown Girl said...

What a great post! It's great to have motivation beyond The Race. I did that last year and it really helped with the post-marathon feeling.

Hope the 22 miler goes well and once you are done, enjoy the taper madness:)

JustRun said...

Way to concentrate on the entire experience and not just the run. You'll be ready and even more, enjoy it.

Deene said...

that quote sums it up for you as far as goals go. happy tapering!

Ginger Breadman said...

You climb everest the same way it's always been done - one step at a time. I think it's normal to have so many mixtures of: euphoria about your running, questioning what's next, sore muscles, gratefulness, etc. in the weeks and days leading up to a marathon. The marathon is an emotional thing and you've put a lot into it.

stephruns said...

I feel the same - as if i still have miles to run and to train. well, that's it for me now. Now we have to be patient. Since I'm running I understand why people climb mount everest - I think it was Rheinhold Messner who answered said this, when he was being asked how he could go up there to die!
He said: I didn't go up there to die - I came down to live!!!! Such strong words.

nyflygirl said...

how's the stair climbing now 3 days later? :)

good job getting through that last long one, and yay for taper time!!

Chelle said...

Don't underestimate how tough these next two weeks can be emotionally. Just take a lot of deep breaths and remind yourself to have trust in your training. You've put in the work...I think you'll be pleased with your results. I don't envy this waiting though...I'm glad to be playing cheerleader for this one!

Morrissey said...

damn 16 days.....i can't believe it is coming right up. A few months ago I never thought I would ever get a chance to run a marathon and now I am just anticipating and can feel the nerves!

Our goal times are pretty similar so ill try to spot you if I can