Friday, April 23, 2010

Hello Texas!

Well dear readers, it’s been a little over a month and the dust is beginning to settle, the boxes are slowly disappearing, and the words “do you know where the ____ is?” are fading from daily use.

In many ways life has changed little. I get up, workout (when motivated), go to the office, put in long hours, head home, eat, sleep, repeat. It's the environment in which I do these things that has changed dramatically.

A cramped apartment has been replaced by a spacious home.

An overcrowded subway has been supplanted by a quite drive on back roads.

In lieu of a drab office, I toil in a sprawling and certified green campus complete with gym, bike parking, and shower facilities.

Frankly, in most ways, suburban family life in Texas is better. Though I will readily admit that DFW is lacking a few important amenities. Chief among them: delivery.

It’s much more difficult to find good ethnic restaurants. And when you do find them… augh, delivery is not really viable. In New York I took it for granted that I could have Panaeng curry or Chana masala or a spicy tuna roll delivered… at midnight… in less than 30 minutes. Alas, good bibimbap is no longer my reality.

Also a surprise, and you'd never know it by looking at our overgrown weed patch, but I’m developing a fetish for lawn maintenance. Perhaps it’s the exercise. Maybe the meditative state reached while walking behind the mower. Or it could be pride of ownership. Perchance the binary nature of mowed vs unkempt. Whatever it is, I’m all giddy when it comes to firing up the Toro and mulching up some Bermuda grass.

The long and short of it is that we've arrived and are enjoying our new home.

(yeah, yeah, yeah... the yard needs work)

"Fine art and pizza delivery, what we do falls neatly in between."
-David Letterman


LesleyG said...

It looks like a great place to call home! The lawn will come around, and perhaps you can balance out all that yardwork/exercise by cooking your own Chana Marsala? :)

Suzanne said...

It looks wonderful Josh!! Give Salena, Jackson and Harry my love!

Mark said...

Congrats! If you really want to test your mettle, get a pool.

Jung said...

Hey Josh,

Saw your linked in update and stumbled upon here.

Congrats on the relocation! I was down at fort worth couple months ago for business and I found the place to be pretty neat. I got a big kick out of seeing George Bush Turnpike.

btw, if you're like most people including myself, lawn care and house maintenance will get old real fast. So enjoy honeymoon. :-)

Pretty soon, you'll be inquiring your city about permission to replace lawn with astroturf. j/k...

is that a house or a 2-3 townhouse units joined together? That thing is huge!

Anyway, just saying hi. As an Asian, I'll stick with Jersey. lolz...

Josh said...

Thanks Lesley. It is a great place. Cooking, eh? Perhaps I'll give it a go.

Get a pool? This, from the "Geek of Everything (Except the fine art of Home Pool Maintenance)... Kidding aside, we seriously considered a place with a pool but thought it might be too much work. Given Texas summers we may live to regret that.

Hey Jung... Nice to hear from you. Hope all is well!

Josh said...

Hey Suzanne! Great to hear from you. Our best to you!

Morrissey said...

very nice home. glad you traded UP for a whole lotta' space! Hope things are going well with you and your family Josh!

Alfred said...

Hey Josh,

The house looks fantastic. So that's why people leave NYC!

I was doing hand stands when I first opened the pic and got scared when I saw the address. But then I remembered it's God's country so I stood up and breathed a sigh of relief.