Tuesday, November 20, 2007

King of the World

There are some days when you wake up feeling like the king of the world. Well rested, loose and kink-free. Full of vim and vigor and destined to have an extraordinary day. Days when that nagging soreness in your heel seems to have vanished and your knees are in a cooperative mood. On these days you set off on your run with a positive outlook, certain that you can run forever.

Today was not one of those days.

Instead I woke feeling lethargic and heavy. Before my toes touched the floor my heel spur reminded me to tread lightly. When I stepped outside with the dog and a poop-bag at the ready I found it was dark and cold and raining. My disposition matched.

With the dog walked and dried off I headed out to run, grunting and puffing along. To avoid the temptation of cutting my workout short I did an out and back rather than my usual 1.25 mile loop. And when I came to the fork in the road where I often turn around and head back... I kept going, turning that 5 miler into a 10k.

And it felt good. Real good.

So did the 4 mile race I did on Sunday.

I’ve allowed myself time off these past few months to prepare for, and adjust to, my new roll as a father (which is awesome and will be the subject of many future posts). I’ve allowed myself to have second helpings at dinner and sometimes thirds (Salena’s eggplant lasagna is really, really good!). I’ve allowed myself to skip workouts (you don’t get much sleep as a new parent).

These excuses are no longer valid.

I will not allow myself to be sloth-like this holiday season. I will not allow myself to gain anymore weight. I will not allow any further deconditioning.

If I am to achieve my fitness and race goals for 2008 now is the time to lay the foundation.

It is go time and I love it.

"Absence lessens ordinary passions and augments great ones, as the wind blows out a candle and makes a fire blaze."
- La Rochefoucauld


Anonymous said...

Hey "Daddy"!!!

Just catching up with your blog. Seems despite the hard baby-work you still run - that's pretty cool.

Diana Pittet said...
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Diana Pittet said...

Josh, awesome time at the 4-mile race! When I saw how well you did, I told myself, No way am I gonna run with Josh anytime soon! I'd be holding you back. Good luck keeping this up during the distracting holiday season. But get some sleep, too.

Just12Finish said...

Oh yeah. You're not there, but when your family pics start to show your kid(s) looking good and you looking like the Michelin Man, it's time to turn around. I've been there!