Thursday, September 27, 2007

T minus 10

We're just 10 days out and dilated 3 of the obligatory 10 centimeters. Whoa!

I've gotta say that you women-folk are truly the superior of the species - anatomically speaking, anyway. It is amazing what the female body is capable of. It's a cliché, but a miracle nonetheless.

The sleek, powerful and sophisticated internal motherboard makes the male equivalent seem like an external hard drive plugged in almost as an afterthought.

Note that the image of a ruler to the right is, in fact, to scale...

While on the subject of male/female relations I would like to comment on chivalry. I am pleased to report that chivalry is not dead. It has however entirely abandoned the male sex. In an unscientific study, 21 people have given up their seats on the subway for Salena, who is obviously very pregnant. Only 5 of those people were men.

Come on fellas.

"It is well to give when asked, but it is better to give unasked, through understanding."
-Kahlil Gibran


Jessica said...

As an engineer I appreciate the visual scale provided and also calculate that you are nearing a 1/3 of the way there. This is so exciting! Mini Morphew is on the way!

Deene said...

oh, how exciting! you'll have to make sure you keep the camera batteries charged and ready so you can post photos. (my husband took a dud camera to the hospital so we have only a couple of photos).
wish Salena well!

Sempre Libera said...

@jessica: Mini Morphew... hehehe.

How exciting! Can't wait to hear the good news.

Yvonne said...

Hey, I've just been through all this, and even I've got to say TMI Josh! TMI!!!

And I see I'm not the only one who did unscientific studies of the seat-giver-uppers. I kept track of gender/age/ethnicity/subway line.

I found that people on Manhattan lines were more likely to give up their seat, than my local 7 line. And they were usually older. And usually men.

Someone should do a full blown study.

Getting very excited for you both!!!!

the_ubster said...

Wow! Can't wait to meet the newest edition to the Morphew Crew.

WeCastMusic said...

When I broke my leg in 2001 and subsequently had to ride the train with crutches I was very interested to see who, and what kinds of people gave up their seat to me. Here are my very unscientific results:

-woman were more likely to give up their seat almost 10 to 1.
-Asians in general were the race most likely to give up a seat for me (men and woman)
-Hippy white girls (not matching clothing, sandals, unkept hair)were the most likely to offer me a seat
-Not one African American or Latino gave up a seat for me the entire three months

While I did before, post crutches I ALWAYS give up a seat. I am happy that I can walk straight!

Phil said...

Your wife can see the finish line ... how exciting. Don't be surprised however, if the baby decides to make an appearance early. With all the technology at our disposal, we often forget that women have been giving birth since our ancestors first stood up-right. At some point, their marvelous biology just takes over.

JustRun said...

How exciting! Congratulations and I'll be thinking of you all!

Jumper 2.0 said...

Congratulations you two!

For the record, I would have given up a seat for your wife!

Just12Finish said...

Good luck to you two for the big day!

E-Speed said...

how exciting! hope the delivery goes smoothly!

13akbal said...

the final stretch! it's truly the most amazing thing you will experience in your life.

stephruns said...

Good luck to Selena, the baby and you. Can't wait to see the little fella!!!

Anonymous said...

Best of everything to all three of you. Take every moment in, like a deep breath, before you know it you'll be packing his/her bags for college!