Sunday, July 22, 2007


Family, friends and strangers react the same way when they discover we're having a baby:

1) Congratulations!
2) When is the baby due?
3) What are you having?

That Salena and I have decided to wait until the baby is born to learn its gender surprises some, impresses others, but also seems to annoy some people.

Admittedly, we're curious and have been, at times, tempted to tear open the envelope containing this secret. We have, however, resisted the urge and are committed to the wonderful surprise that awaits us.

In the interim I invite you to tell us what you think by using the poll in the sidebar.

So, what do you think, is it a boy or a girl?

"All babies look like Winston Churchill"
-Edward R. Murrow


stephruns said...

Josh, I think gender is not important, that's why I won't take the vote. I hope you will have a wonderful, beautiful and healthy child;-)

miss petite america said...

well, if that quote is true, i hope it's a boy!! :)


the_ubster said...

I agree with stephruns, as long as the baby and mom (okay, dad too!) are healthy, that's really the important part...
Having said that, my vote is in. It's a boy!

Suzanne said...

Have you noticed that 2 lady Hellgaters had baby girls within the last year and a gentleman Hellgater had a baby boy a few months following that pattern my vote is a boy!!

Just12Finish said...

If only because I have 3 girls - I'm wishing it's a girl for you!

JustRun said...

I voted girl. Seems to be a trend with people's blogs I read lately. Otherwise, I have no basis for my choice and just hope baby, mom, and dad are well and happy!

Deene said...

don't listen to the silly folks, wait for the surprise! As long as he/she is healthy, you're good.

13akbal said...

OK - I'll go with a boy. Even if it's only due to me projecting my hopes for our baby :-)

I think it's great that you are waiting to find out, it's hard to do when it's so easy to find out now days.

Mia said...

Congrats and here's to having a HEALTHY baby!!

(Be prepared to own dozens of baby carrying devices...strollers, car seats, baby carriers, baby bjorns, jogging strollers, etc.)

Anonymous said...

My gut feeling says a boy and that's not b/c Suzy said so. LOL LOL
I'm going by the way Salena is carrying. The theory I heard before is if you are carrying all in the front, look beautiful and glowing - it's a boy. If you are carrying all around and your buttocks is the size of a texas and you look like you been through a marathon - it's a girl. Since Salena looks glowing and radiant, I say it's a boy all the way!!!
Don't quote me on this theory but this is what I was told.

P.S. This may not apply to all pregnancies and I think all moms to be look radiant and glowing.

Dying Water Buffalo said...

Yeah, you know, it is funny how that does annoy people. I remember being annoyed by it actually. More because I wanted to buy presents and I guess I have a personal gender bias so would want to know for the gifts. Funny how that works.