Saturday, September 09, 2006

Run To Remember: Update #1

I'm now heading into the 11th week of my marathon training. My weekly mileage is up to 45-50 miles a week. I've managed to stick fairly close to my schedule, missing only a few days of running due to inclement weather or extenuating circumstances at the office.

My weekly running schedule includes speed intervals consisting of 4 x mile repeats, hill work (basically running up and down hills for 3-4 miles), tempo runs of 5-8 miles at a brisk pace, long runs of 13-20 miles plus "easy" or "junk" miles on days where my training isn't specific.

At this point I still feel confident that I can achieve my goal (fingers crossed) of a sub-3 hour and 30 minute marathon, which, if I achieve will be a personal best by 20 minutes and put me a little nearer to qualifying for The Grand Poobah of marathons: The Boston Marathon. I realize that this is a pretty aggressive goal, but hey, people who jump out of airplanes aren't normally known for being the most cautious folks.

As you may know I am running the marathon this year as a fundraiser in honor of my grandmother. I committed to raising $2,620.00 for the Alzheimer's Association - that's $100 for every mile of the marathon.

I am very pleased to report that my efforts are coming along well. I am about half way to reaching my fundraising goal but I still have a ways to go. In runner jargon I am about to "hit the wall" and I'll need your help to get over the hump and to the finish line. Please do consider making a donation to this very worthy cause here.

I extend my most sincere gratitude to those who have offered words of praise and encouragement and to those who have already given so generously - thank you!
"In charity there is no excess."
-Sir Francis Bacon


Ginger Breadman said...

You have some really inspiring goals. I can't remember which race you're training for - NYC? I'm guessing it's in one of your posts, so I should probably search for it.
I wanted to tell you also - that Tetons picture? . . . it's the same one that's been on my desktop since we came home - ironic, isn't it?
Hope you're all faring well in that corner of the globe on 9/11.

Morrissey said...

45-50....damn im not even there yet! i've been slacking off for the past week. heck- I gotta get back to my training! Ill see you at the Long run this weekend!

Josh said...

Thanks Ginger! I am training for the NYC marathon. And Yes your Tetons photo is still my desktop and is the envy of my office-mates.

Morrissey - 45-50 is on my very best behavior weeks. I have a wedding this weekend and will not be at the long training run. I will try not to drink too much and ruin my training (our the wedding!)