Monday, June 26, 2006

My Mai Tai Fantasy

With a long overdue vacation so near at hand staying focused at work is becoming a “challenge.” My mind drifts from the logistics of packing, maps & directions to the more fanciful - runs on the beach, lounging about in a hammock with a good book, and on to cocktails at sunset (what all goes into a Mai Tai anyway?)

This “challenge” if you will is compounded by the dreadfully soggy weather we’ve had here in the Northeast of late. While the weekend didn’t bring the deluge of rain the Mid-Atlantic states got hammered with it did make for a weekend of sitting indoors, running attire at the ready, just waiting for a break in the rain – which by the way came moments after downing a couple slices of leftover pizza. Augh! A weekend of training lost!

I know what you’re thinking… “Don’t be such a wimp. It’s just a little rain. Go for a run ya’ nincompoop..."

Believe me when I tell you that I had those same thoughts myself. But, in my defense I am still recovering from what was a miserable head cold and I had to drive to Boston and back in a period of less than 24-hours to drop off Harry (our dog) with his aunt and uncle who are going to dog sit while we’re away. Woe is me, right?

In any event, I am open to suggestions for a good book to read on the beach...


the_ubster said...

"Sword of Tortuga" by Capt. Sinbad.

Bryce Smith said...

mmmmmm Mai Tai

You should try my "Showstopper" which is a close cousin to the long island iced tea....

triple sec
splash of sour
splash of sprite
2 squeezes of lemon

It's quite tasty!

katesun said...

Enjoy your vacation ! Great to see you on Friday . Tell Selena thanks for the info too.

Sempre Libera said...

I recommend "I Am Not Myself These Days," by Josh Kilmer-Purcell. I will confess that he is a partner at my firm, but that's not the reason for the suggestion; it's funny, extremely well-written, and an easy read.

Alan Wagman said...

"Everyman" by Philip Roth

Ginger Breadman said...

I'm reading Dean Karnazes at the moment - The Ha-Ha by Dave King is next on my shelf - sounds kinda good. Or try Beyond the Deep by William Stone - (think 'Into Thin Air' - but this one's into a cave.) Where are you going? I'm surfin' through your posts trying to figure it out. I need to have a virtual run on some tropical place through some interesting trails.

Mark said...

Long overdue vacation? Didn't you just get back from your wife's family reunion in West VA?

[Insert West VA Joke Here]

If you're into fiction, "A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey was a good book (although when I read it, it was considered non-fiction).

the_ubster said...

Mark's right "A Million Little Pieces" is a good book. It was non-fiction when I read it as well.

You do go "on vacation" more than anyone I know.

Josh said...

Thanks for the suggestions... Keep em coming.

I feel the need to defend my time off here... Let me just say this:

While very enjoyable, taking a long weekend to drive for 8 hours to West Virginia is not exactly my idea of a vacation.

Deene said...

Most, well all of the books that i'm reading now are chic lit so i don't think i'll recommend those. the last good compelling read was "The Kite Runner".

Just12Finish said...

"Aloha and Mai Tais" by Rosemary Patterson. You asked for it ;)

Mark said...

Geez, for a minute there I thought Deene was recommending the book "The Kilt Runner"

Not a good mental picture.

Yvonne said...

Hey Josh - I'm back ;)

Have a wonderful "vacation". Hope to see u soon.