Friday, May 26, 2006

Rookie Blogger

While I maintian this blog for fun and a way to help organize my thoughts on running, I have to admit that for the past two weeks or so I have been somewhat dissapointed that recent posts were not receiving any comments. I thought to myself "self, no one is reading your blog. Why bother?"

Then yesterday morning I got an email from Yvonne inquiring into why I have comments disabled on my blog. Clearly, I am still a rookie blogger and as I pointed out to Yvonne, a dolt.

I've since approved all of the "comments in waiting" and have turned on the "allow comments" feature.

Thank you for reading this blog, particularly those of you who take a moment to post a comment. Your feedback is appreciated.

Happy Running!



Josh said...

Just testing to make sure that comments are enabled.... LOL!

DebbieJRT said...

we the mute readers are still reading

Yvonne said...

glad i could be of service ;)

Morrissey said...

here you go - another comment :)

Julie Brown said...

Hey there , Stranger!!!

Great site you have and am happy to learn that you are well and keeping up with the running. Don't want to bog down your site with personal posts, so suffice it to say that I am happy you are healthy, "wealthy" and wise......still.

Best to you and Salena.
Julie B.

Bryce Smith said...

I read and I comment...maybe I need to turn mine on?!?!

nyflygirl said...

i actually thought you had the comment moderation on you were trying to screen out spammers or something :)

Josh said...

Thanks to stopping by to read!

Julie Brown... Good to hear from you!

NYFLYGIRL I wish I could say that it was intentional. It wasn't. The word verification tool is pretty good at keeping the spammers off though.