Friday, March 24, 2006

Trash Talk

I offer up friendly competition at the Queens Half Marathon and she drops the "Gauntlet.” I offer up a compliment and she responds by stating that I am the “Joker to (her) Batman!”

Being as juvenile and immature as I am I simply cannot turn the other cheek. Every fiber of my being demands that I must not only respond in kind, but raise the bar. Therefore Kate, you are:
  • The Khrushchev to my JFK
  • The hanging chad to my Gore
  • The Lex Luthor to my Superman
  • The Sammy Hagar to my David Lee Roth
  • Dirty Red Sox to my Pinstriped Yankees
  • Death Row to my Bad Boy Records
  • A mouse to my cat
  • A cat to my dog
  • Alzheimer's to my Reagan (ok maybe this is going a little too far)
But wait, what’s this? You’ve strained your hammy? Sounds to me like you’re chicken. Simply afraid that I’ll be a few steps, meters, or minutes ahead when the real gauntlet gets dropped in Queens?

In all seriousness, I am sorry to hear about your hamstring. Setbacks like that can be tremendously frustrating. My honest and only bit of advice is to rest. You’ll probably come back stronger for having taken the break. Which is what happened to me while training for Chicago. I lost two weeks of peak milage due to an extremely painful heel spur, but when I came back, I came back stronger.


katesun said...

Don't count me out yet Morphew ! I am waiting to see how this week goes. Nice picture of Reagan ! I won't even mention it took almost a week to respond... no i promised no more trash talk . lol :)

Yvonne said...

Fight, fight...I wanna see a full on fist fight :-)

Josh said...

Fist fight...? Nah, this is gonna be a foot fight!

Just12Finish said...

I love where this is heading ... keep it going, it's too early to call off the fight!